Threat from in-laws, brother-in-laws and wife

Good Evening Lawersabs🙏 At the outset, thanks for your very valuable & eye opening clarifications. My wife is staying in my rented flat in Navi Mumbai along with my 10 Yrs.old Elder daughter. My wife and in-laws and Brother-in-laws are keep on harrassing & insulting me with their bad words (WIFE ALWAYS TELLING LIES) for the last 11 years  and Father in-law and Brother-in-law THREATENED me that they will murder me and go to jail.. I am ordering Groceries online and paying all Bills online for her and my daughter. Because of attack & life threat, I am (my 5.5 Years daughter came on her own with me) away from my rented flat, Navi Mumbai and me and my daughter staying in my native State Telangana for the last 4 months. By staying in my own rented flat in Navi Mumbai, my wife has filed a complaint with local Police Station (Missing & Not Paying Maintenance amount) & Women's Cell & trying to file an FIR also. My wife is trying to come to Telangana for discussion in front of our Community people in the next week (after 16/11/23). Every time my Mrs. keep on saying that she will listen only Maharashtra Police words and wants her to separate by taking my 2 daughters and whatever money(wife rights) Court decides to pay her... Sir/Mam, Need your kind advice on 1)  if she files an FIR by staying in my own flat in Navi Mumbai and eating my online ordered groceries IS IT VALID TO FILE MAINTENANCE  CASE ? 2) What kind of Case I can book in Telangana on my In-laws and Brother-in-laws (Residing in Bhiwandi) wife for Mentally hrassing and THREATENING to MURDER me. 3) Sir, Is it worth sending a legal/court notice (during her complaint at Vashi PS) to my Mrs. (who is staying in my Rented Flat at Vashi) asking her to live with me at Telangana ? KINDLY SUGGEST 🙏. Regards,