Harassment by Husband and his Grand mother

Dear Sir, this is Srikanth I'm Having 2 elder Sisters living with my mother and Elder Sister and there two Kids elder sister Husband Expires in 2008 my sister is house wife she having 2 kids one is 7 years boy and 2nd 3years girl she having problem with Husband and his Grand mother ( his mother Expired When His age of 5yrs) and she will getting torture by both of them because my family is weak in financial we don't having any support from any relatives for financial and moral support so he taking advantage and playing with my sister and with my family also because My elder sister's husband expired she living with my family she got some money from company and she having a flat in other town she wants sell and keep money with her because she having 2 kids she keeping the money for kids future. In this situation my mother side family (mother, Brothers) wants my sister's money to invest there business my sister not accepted to invest money so my uncle (mothers Brother) Contacting my Sister's Husband to Making Problem in My families for Money and Other kinds. Now My sister Husband Started making Issues with my sister and My family Since 3-4 years till now . Last month Me and My younger sister went to my marriage looking near to town after all works done she starts crying for his torture i've taken decision to Take back to my home to my sister now one month completed she is in my home with kids he sent his relatives to send back my sister to his home and one day he sent a politician to settle the issue. then my sisters husband taken decision to sell his house and settle in his village because he don't want to give any money or some thing to my sister because he invested entire dowry in his house construction and he blaming me, my mother and my elder sister we all are doing dirty things. i'm working as a sales employee and i am taking care my family we are financially poor in this situation i'm not having concentration and control in career life and family life also my elder sister also having problem to sell the house and second sister also having harassment with her Husband. these all thins happening, he was the only person making this thing so please help me get OUT from this Problems..