Builder Issue

Hi. I booked a flat in Goa on January 2021 for 1bhk apartment. It was worth 37L and I made payment to the builder of 24L in total as of January. 20L was RTGS and 4L was given by cash. And for this project there is single builder and it’s not of any partnership. He alone is the incharge of everything and this was his second project in the same village where he resides. His first project was also built and successfully completed seeing that we booked in pre launch. But he dint give any documents for the given amount not even a receipt/challan, as we had friendly relationship. The project will be completed in December 2022. As friendly even we dint ask him for any documentation or dint do any agreement legally to show that we have given him in total 24L. In June he asked for next set of amount around 6-7L as I was already given 24L as booking amount I was thinking about it meanwhile we had miscommunication and on call he said/insisted to take our money back from his project. Even I said yes. So he himself asked us to take the money back from the project even I agreed. But as things cooled down he’s requesting to continue the deal. But I have decided not to invest anymore there as we had argument and miscommunication. Now this happened on June 1st 2021 and from then we are asking him to return our money he’s not telling exact date. Then after month I had talk with him and he said he would give after 6months from June to return our 24L. Now he’s saying December. Since we don’t have anything in written or agreement for the money given. He’s also not ready to pay the interest until he returns. He’s saying he don’t have the money now has he invested it on the project. He’s asking us to wait till December to collect. What should I do? How to tackle him or what points can I put infront of him and get my money back asap.