Partition suit

Dear sir, My father died in 2009 and we 6 children to him with our mother and i am the elder son. My self constructed houses in the land came from ancestors when my father is alive in the view we brothers will be together and this construction happened in the year 2000 and never thought of division but after my father died my brothers turned against me asking me to take very small share and i refused so they went to court in sep 2014 and 2 brothers appointed 2 lawyers against each other asking for there share, In these 2 , one person purchased one more share from other and informed the court . I purchased 2 share from my mother and one brother and totally having 3 shares out of 7 and i doesn't appointed any lawyer up to now. Questions: 1. is that possible to claim that these construction are made by me ( i don't have document proof ) 2. i want get out of these disturbance ASAP so, please let me how to complete this case quickly. 3. The property is mostly indivisible into 7 equal parts so what type decision will the court give. 4. How much time it will take to complete this case Please give ur suggestions and advises. Thanks & Regards, Ravi kumar.