Family dispute

Hi , My father died in 2011 , and did not write any will . we are 1daughter , 1 son and wife left .. We have 2 properties in delhi /ncr area .After his death , both the properties got mutated to my mother's name ( for one property - we signed the noc for no objection for transpher of property on her name and the other she got registered herself after so many years of living there - on her name in which I was not informed or not asked for signatures) . Both the properties are self acquired properties of my father with no financial contribution of my mom - I have the following queries :- 1. Can my mother sell the property without my consent to anyone and without keeping me in knowledge ? 2.Can she gift the properties to my brother without my consent? 3.Can she make a will for this property without my signatures as a legal heir? 3. What's my right as per the hindu succession act ? I wanted to know my rights to claim share and to know things for this. Kindly guide .