Mental harresment

Dear sir , I m married in 2014 may from the day one after engagement my husband harras me saying that I have relationship with many boys , earlier I use to think he is possessive and after marriage the situations will become fine but the things became worst day by day. After marriage in one month itself I was carrying in that situation also my husband has beaten me around 10 times , I was complaining to my in laws about his nature but instead of helping me they were taking his side . I was bearing all those situations my husband was not spending single penny on me and use to take my salary also for his expenditure and to give to my mother inlaw.. From 8 month of my pregnancy till my baby was of two months ( jan -may)I was with my parents and all expenditure were taken care by my parents .I came to my home then my mother in-law also came to take care of mine she wants me to ask money from my parents but I refused . So my mother inlaw always, Creates a scene in front of my husband when ever he comes from office she always ask to work after2months of delivery as I went through c section I was unable to sit also properly , she always do back biting and after listening to her my husband beates me more I wad on ML so I used to pay maid from my salary and take care of my son now my ML is over so my inlaws have sent me to my parent's and not giving a single rs for his expenses, and my in-laws are threatening me that they will take away my baby with them . And my mother in-law is asking for dowry indirectly and is saying if I will refuse she will tell my husband to give divorce and marry again to sone other girl what is should o m totally help less please help me.