Harrased by own real elder brother

Hi my name is Anand n my problem is my own real elder brother n his wife are torturing me and my family every now n then. We are all over 8 brothers n sisters n we all stay seperately from each other from past more than 2 decades . He is financially weak. I helped him ample of times financially. But every now and he asks for money. But fews years back I denied helping him anymore. On which he started threatening me and my family. His wife goes in any of the so called human rights organization or ne women's organization which are not even authorized to take such kind of cases. This people calls us and torture us by calling to their place and have asked for an amount to settle the case????? We have every proof in form of recordings msgs. We have done police complaint in my brothers name. But yet he's continuing with his activity. He have also sended his wife to my office n she started shouting their gve me money. Need your help or advice whatever u say, plz suggest me what can I do to save myself from getting tortured. N what legal action I can take against my brother , his wife n this so called organizations. Eagerly waiting for your reply. Thanking you, Anand