Can we change direction in registered power of attorney

Hi Sir, Need your help for correction in Registered GPA in its direction. 1. "A" person sold a piece of land to "B" person in 1987 mentioning its direction in registered GPA mentioned below: EAST: Property of other WEST:Property of B (means his own). NORTH:Property of other SOUTH:Gali Now, in 1996 B sold the same plot to C as the same direction mentioned in registered irrevocable GPA as above. "C" person had faith and trust in B that whatever matter he typed in GPA will be corrected. But the true fact is that C had genuinely been cheated by both A and B. C person plot gate had been installed in the west direction which is also opening in the west direction and his respective family had also been using that gate for a very long time at the time bought from B for coming and going purpose. Not only this, other 15 families use the same Gali for a very long time Sir my question to you that, How “C” Person change the direction in its registered GPA in a legal way..??? (WEST as gali not the property of B) Both A and B had been dead for a very long time and their families also moved some other place. Both A and B cleverly cheated the innocent C .