Common Passage Access and Untilization

Ours a 60X 80 Plot divided by two b/w two sisters in a Residential area of Mysore 60 facing road and 80 depth, Dimension each got was 60 X 40 and 60 X 40, while registering only 8 ft X 80 ft was left common. My Sister sold the front property to another external person a Year ago. We had made a lawn in front of my house which is the back part of the property,( That time my sister did not raise any concern).The lawn is the common passage but in front of my house, due to this I have to park my car and two bikes ( My son and daughter's bikes) both in the common passage which comes in front of the external owner's common passage. The new owner had only one bike which he also parks in his common passage in front of his house. Everything was ok until covid struck and his son retuned from Bangalore and started to work from home, He has a car which he parks outside due to space issues. The new owner's son is now asking us to remove the lawn and make parking space for both my car, and two bikes He is telling he will not allow us to park car, bike or anyone elses vehicle in the front 8X40 ft which is coming in front of his house. He says we can only use the front common passage as an access to our house and cannot park out vehicles there. He says his car has to stay outside while we are using the passage for our cars and bike and that too in front of his house. The palcewherewe have parked comes near thier window but not in from of their door, more over we have maruti alto and space is enough for walking, we take out the car once in while so we wont disturb them, Can I complain on him to the police of file case in the court for Harrasment? I dont want to remove the law in front of my house because we have spent lot on it and we use it as sit out, I want to continue to park my car and bike in the remaining common passage i.e 8ft X 40 ft which is in the front. This is an acestral property so i dont want to disturb the earlier set up what have in out protion.