Farm land and Home partition

Hello sir, My fathers are 4 brothers and 1 Sister, Both my grand parents are deceased, There is total farm land of around 14 bigha, out of which 4 Bighas are named after my father, the remaining 10 Bigha is on the name of Grandfather, Now from last 29 years we are at Allahabad and we are just in contact with our village in Rajasthan, Ther remaining 3 brothers are enjoying the revanue from whole land from last 29 years and didnt sent us any money neither from ancesterol property and nor from land cultivated which is on my fathers name. Also we have two havelies but we are not given a single room in house as they say u have to take care of property to enjoy it , they have put an stay order on my fathers property as well, We are very poor and we earn very less, my mother is a kidney patient and we spend a lot on her dialysis only, we dont have any other source of revenue, can i get justice??? we have already sold our all jwelleries and bellongings on cases from last 10 years and didnt got any justice, If anyone can help i assure i can give all of my things which ever useful, We just want 2 rooms in house to stay and 4 bigha which is on my fathers name plz suggest how can we proceed