Regarding Society formation & RERA

Hi I've few questions regarding my property:- I am the landowner of the society having 50% share overall. I've few questions to clarify:- 1. Project is getting late as it's not being given in said time, considering the pandemic still it's very late. What can be done as per laws in RERA. Ther are also some structural changes done after our share was alloted like the area was increased in some of his sold flats which makes our share less. What can be done in this case? 2. Bath fittings provided by builder in his sold flats are different (premium) and in landowner ie ours is different (cheaper one). What can be done in this case? 3. Consists of 2 Block and families are living in one block and in second block construction is being done. He is asking for maintenance but he doesn't have a 24*7 team of plumber,electrician, carpenter etc dedicated for the society yet. Are we eligible to pay the maintenance considering the handover of our flats as commited(bath fittings different). 4. What are the voting rights in society? Is there any rule as such like multiple flat owners like us being landowner with 50% share having just one voting right? If yes, then can our renters are eligible to vote flat wise else it would be very unfair for us. 5. Parking has not been alloted yet. 6. 50% Commercial space has been sold by him without our share division on paper. What can be done here. Would be thankful if you provide these answers and clarify my doubt.