Maintenance levied for flats

The apartment complex in which I am staying consists of 84 flats of which 36 are three BHKs and 48 are 2 BHKs. The procedure followed for collecting maintenance amount is based on the sq.ft of the flats concerned for the past seven years. This inevitably entails the payment of a much higher amount by three BHK flat owners to Owners' Association even though the services offered for collecting maintenance are the same for all. I feel there is no justification for a differential levy of amounts. The office bearers of the Association tried to sort this out by suggesting a uniform amount for all the owners irrespective of the size of flats to improve the income available for the Association. But the two BHK owners are adamant that monthly amount should be collected only based on the sq.ft of the flats. So, what is the solution? Is it a must that we have to go according to the wishes of the 2BHK owners who have a clear majority? Can some of the three BHK owners take the stand that they will be paying only what is being paid by 2BHK owners? Financial position of the Assn is very tight. The apartment is registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act.