Family matter - Advice

I am leaving with my father and step-mother. My grand father died in [deleted]. My grand father had cancer, So in near june 2013, I favor my father and tried to convinced my grand father for allowing my father for bringing step-mother to home. My grand father always knew that I and my brother is going to suffer in our life. Now, my father don't trust us. My step mother blown my father's mind. My father have so many mis-understanding. Now I am tried to short-out. Problem is my father is transferring my grand father's property in the name of some other people including my step-mother's name. Since one year, I am coming home to sleep only. No food is prepared for me as well no money. Step Mother have 2 son. they all are enjoying their life. They are using expensive bike, mobile etc. I and My brother living life as curse. My grand father told me during his last breath, that he had done register will for us. he also gave me some money and jewelry. but after his death i gave to my father because I was having trust. Now i want to know following points. 1. How to get register will. 2. how to get my right in the property. 3. where i have to do application which will be my support or hault (stop) transferring our property. And Please Advise me some good suggestion which will save my rights without indulging more in quarrel.