My Paternal Grand Mother property's succession.

My paternal grand father, belonging to Scheduled Caste Adi Andhra/Mala, who was in london, bought lands through my paternal grand mother, out which certain portions of the lands were court auctioned in the year 1928 and to which were later compromised in the year 1988 through execution petition filed in year 1984 by my Father (SC) and my Paternal uncle( Father's elder brother), ( Converted to Christian before marriage). The said lands which were in the name of my grand mother, who passed away in the year 1978 and grand father in the year 1954. the entire property were constituted in two parts . 1. EP property . ( 2) Non EP property. though the AUCTIONED PROPERTY which was challenged by my grand mother since 1928 had never got a decree in her favour, there was never been changed in the ROR of the autioned property, as those were still under the possession of the grand mother and later by my Father ( Hindu by religion). There were no partitions except for the dwelling house between the Two sons and the legal heir of one of the sisters and other sister, who predeceased my grand mother and grand father left with only son. In the year 1995, one of the niece of my father, who later got converted to christian during the pending of the suit filed a TS , claiming the entire property to be stridhan. To which the lower court in its judgement divided the entire property in to four equal parts and the niece share was 1/18th of it. Later my filed an appeal in the high court of Odisha in the year 1998. His appeal was to set aside the EP property and to divide the rest of the property into four equal parts. The EP property whicvh was compromised, the Elder brother of my father relinquished his rights through a registered sale deed in the year 1994. later my father got the ROR in his favour. still the suit is pending in the High court. during which my father passed away in the year 2013 and his elder brother in the year 2005. And only son of Grand mother's First daughter passed away in the year 2013 as well. leaving a intesate property. meanwhile, my father who had three son and four daughter, All are converted to catholic bu holy commuinion except the youngest son ( that's me ), while my father niece filed FDC in the lower court and later she also filed a change in ROR as MC Appeal Case with Sub Collector of the same Tehsil in the year 2016. A week back a order was passed by the Sub Collector in favour of the appellants without giving the opposite party ( ME, my mother and other Siblings) a chance to hear. Kindly suggest, how to proceed. mean while the First appeal in the high court is abated due to non substitution of legal heirs of my father. in the year 2016 IA was filed for substitution/ limitation/ set Aside the abatement / but still High court is not accepting the appeal,