My previous compny incrrectly depsted 70000 in a non existent acc

Hi, I had received an appointment letter from a bank to whihc i joined on the firs day. I had not yet signed the appointment letter, before tha i Quit the company as there was a better offeer sme place else. Hence the company was not liable to pay me anything now did i sign any employement letter. However, when i check my form 26 AS, i realised that there is an entry of Rs 70000 of salary received from this company. When contacted the company finance department, they admitte dthat erroronously they did start the processing of the salary in the account no, that could have been mine if i had joined the company. This account is non existent and nor did any depositing of any amount happened. So, effectively there is a amount of 70,000 that is in my form 26 AS and now i am liable to pay for taxes for amount not received by me. I want to sue the company for fraud and reimbursement for the inconvinience it has caused me. I have followed repeatedly with Finance dept, all the people in escalation matrix, infact have got assurances from them that they will soon make changes in consultation with their CA since 4 months now. There has been no change still. I am fed up. I think best is to sue them. what should my complaint statement have. What should be my further steps? the company actually is a huge bank and getting involved in this for the company will cause a scandal. The company joining was in Pune, currently i am staying in bangalore