Regarding divorce

I am working in Saudi Arabia and i got married 07.12.2014 after that i came in saudi 25.01.2015 now my wife is asking for divorce due some misunderstanding like . 1 they are saying we told wrong birth date 2 we told wrong property 3 they are saying i have taken more out money from her bank account then what i send to her. parent and her family have decided that i will come back to india in may month during marriage fixing but me and my wife decide that i will come in October after marriage they are saying due whats app chatting i use to fight and she is taking tension. wife is living with her parents after marriage ,as i am working outside india 7.since my wife was not receiving my call i contact her frds and relative for making contact they mention this in notice which was send for mutual divorce. wife was pregnant and they terminated baby by saying it happen by natural way without informing us. are this points valid for divorce .i need legal advice and can they send the divorce notice to Saudi Arabia Actually my wife mother is dominating type she want to seprate me from my parents and they dont like if i am sending money to my family. and i dont want divore for my wife but they are not in condition to listen