Who has the right to my property during as well as after my life

Dear Sir, I am a 54 year old lady, citizen of India. My husband bought a house in delhi in 1995 with himself , me and his brother as 3 equal owners .He is a businessman and I am a housewife. Later in a family settlement his brother’s share was given to me in exchange for some other property, making me owner of 2 parts. I have 2 children-daughter is married and settled abroad and son (adult ) has just completed his education . After thirty years of mental and physical suffering I am being unable to stretch our relationship any further.But my husband threatens to either make a legal claim over the property by showing that he gifted me the money with which the property was bought or make some illegal ownership papers and sell the property if I leave the house .Is that possible?,He says that in that case he shall file for a divorce by making false allegations & leave me hand to mouth by showing a minimal income over the last few years , if and when divorce gets settled and will not provide anything in the interim period. Also he can go crazy when angry and owns a gun with a legal arms licence. Who shall be the legal heir to the property after my death and/or a divorce. PS he has sufficient money and lawyer friends to help him and I don’t have much financial or family support to fight the long legal battles I shall be grateful for any advice