Gift deed Act section 126- Violation by a registrar in Kerala

Sir, To my understanding A gift deed which was not based on fraud, undue influence or misrepresentation, nor was an onerous one Cannot be cancelled unilaterally. Such a Gift deed can be cancelled only by resorting to legal remedy in a court of law. I am the victim of such cancellation of the Gift deed made by my Father who is now 99 years and living under my protection in my house. I am an NRI and in 2006-2007 period my younger brother and sisters husband made the plot and induced my father to sign a cancellation of the original gift deed which my father made in 2001, of course not going to a court of law but simply by the help of a registrar in Kerala. The Registrar who revoked the original document without resspecting the said section 126 has commited a violation - is my point. The plan was to get my property back to their name , dispose and get the money without my knowledge as I am away and abroad. I had to undergo immense mental agony and financial loss thru court case over 6 years to get back the title over my property and house back into my name. I want to see if the High court of kerala will accept my case against the registrars wrongfull act and he and his department make liable to pay compensation for my damage. Is this not a public interest subject as well ?