How to fight against section 125

My brother was married in 2017. He found a girl while working in a Mall as a salesman. They were working there together. His wife after marriage has deserted him many times and leaves him for 2-3 months. My family went many times to her house to bring her. My brother is not consistent on job. Over last 3-4 years, he worked at different job as labor and currently he is not working anywhere. Recently she left him since August,2020. We tried to bring her and went to their house with relatives, she said she won't come and demanded 10 Lakhs for the divorce. My brother age is 30 and her age is 23. We can't afford to keep wasting time and ruin my brothers life, which he has even lost hope to bring back to normal. In October,2020 we hired a lawyer so as to bring her back with my brother, and since then 3 appearance notice has been sent. first hearing 11-Jan-2021, notice not received by her (this seems like usual scenario), second hearing 02-April, third hearing 06-May. She didn't apprear in any of this. Next hearing 02-August,2021. 2 Days back we have submitted application to SSP to mediate to solve this issue, but her brother appeared and said they had file Case under 125 ( alimony) for which we are yet to receive legal notice. Why court allows this, while there is one pending issue between them within court. Both the cases should run as one, I am not sure may be that will happen later. These 2 years, Has been like a hell for us every day and night. On the other hand, She is enjoying with family, making YouTube channels and videos. Most probably working also. How should we fight against this, Our lawyer said we have to pay her alimony and there is no way of fighting it, only thing is amount can be reduced.