Notice from Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC)

Dear Learned Lawyers, My father is aged 73 years. He purchased a Single storeyed tenement house in 1995 in Chandkheda, Ahmedabad. Chandkheda, then was outside Municipal Limits. The development plan of the area was prepared by Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA). The house was built as per the respective approvals of AUDA and Chandkheda Gram Panchayat. We are paying regular property tax on the property and have not made any changes in the originally allotted house. My father took a loan from his PSU employer for the house. Due diligence was conducted by the PSU before granting the loan. As per prevailing AUDA development plan in 1995, we had a 18 mts road in front of the house. Over the period of time, Chandkheda came under Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). And new town planning (TP) scheme was rolled out in the area. Recently, we got an eviction notice from AMC under (1st such notice ever received): 1. Section 68 of The Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Rules 1976 2. Rule of The Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Rules 1979 The notice didn’t state that the property is illegally constructed or has encroachment or that we made any alteration or additions. It simply states that the Government of Gujarat has approved TP 20/A in Chandkheda. They have shown a 18 mts road, whose one end is 24 feet inside our boundary. They have asked us to vacate the proportion of property which comes under the 24 feet. If they pull that portion down, the house will become structurally untenable. We went to AMC. They said that earlier notices were sent to people who appear in the land records (7/12). Similar notices are also received by about 30 residents living in our side of road. On the other side of the road is Gujarat Housing Board’s colony. Over the past 25 years, residents have encroached and build illegal structures on that side. Last week we met the AMC officials. They heard us patiently. We in-warded our written objections along with the approved layouts, plans and other documents. But I don’t anticipate any reprieve from them. Request you to advice on the further course which we can take. Thanks.