Talaq issue

My name is shabbir.S  30yrs of age..I had been divorced > 2 yrs back  but the divorced was done in my native > place according to shariyat  law not from court..I have > no divorce papers..Just I had one  nikah-nama in back > of that on the same paper there is details of talaq > date,name,witness,maher .signature of Husband ,Wife and > all  details done by kazi > > Now I had been in a relation with one girl here in > mumbai..But her  parents is not ready unless and untill > I provide them proper legal  divorce papers from > court...and here my parents is not ready to go  again > in native place to prepare divorce papers.. > > For that I met one lawyer and prepared one divorce > papers  ,according to the lawyer this paper will be > legal and I can do  court marriage as well....I had > attach file for the same. > > But instead of sending this papers to my native place I > myself  done the signature of my ex-wife because I > thought sending to  native place will take some time > and there will be possibility if  my ex-wife will > reject this and if she will not signed then it  will > again Aries complication so I thought I will sign this  > document and submit ,Then I submitted this papers to her > parents  and it was my bad luck they had done > verification with some  lawyers and they come to know > the truth that it is not legal and  notary on divorce > is not acceptable as per law. > > For my this mistake the girls and her family is very upset > on  me..they think I was trying to fraud them,and they > are not ready  for this relation anymore because I was > trying to cheat  them.Whatever I done I realize it was > my mistake but I had no  other option left because my > parents will never be ready to go  again in native > place for this. > > I am in big problem,Kindly help me how can I prepare the > legal  divorce papers from here only without going to > my native place and  get valid legal divorce paper from > court as per law > > > Awaiting for your kind help and reply