Nullity Petition filed by wife u/s 25(i), and 25(iii)

Dear sirs my wife filed a petition stating that i did not consummate the marriage and cohabit with her and that i am physically incapable to consummate. I hv denied the allegation in my w/s stating that wilful refusal was on her part as she did not want to conceive. I also submitted medical report written in the govt hospital prescription itsef, by a govt doctor where he has mentioned that investigation are found to be normal. i also submitted the penile doppler test. My query is that can my wife seek court order for referring me to a medical board as the petition is u/s 25(i) i,e wilful refusal and i hv already submitted medical fitness report. She has no medical evidence against me. She also alleged that i demanded dowry and i obtained consent to the marriage by fraud as i am phsically unfit to consummate and i hv grey hairs and most of my teeths are fallen out. These are false allegations and i hv denied them.She has also demanded Rs 25lakhs as according to her i hv done fraud. This is totally false. Now the matter is in counselling stage.