We are staying at 2nd floor in avenue. our staying just on our top at 3rd floor have made changes in their toilet i.e. change the direction of the toilet tub and its outlet, also the position of kitchen sink. he has done the same following the vastu shastra. when he purchased this flat we had already conveyed the technical problem in his toilet beforehand. he said he will get the toilet completely repaired and make it new. but we didn't have the idea that he was completely changing the position of the toilet. for last one year the toilet outward outlet is leaking but we thought it was a minor problem. now the leakage has spread inside our toilet walls ceiling and also on the walls of living room (drawing room,) Other problem is that the outlet of the washbasin is connected to the outlet of the bathroom. so even in our bathroom ceiling there is water seepage problem and on the celing the concealed geyser line passes . now after many requests he got the toilet and wash basin repaired. we were doing chemical water proof treatment in our house, the person who did this work said to us that he knows the plumber who can solve our neighbours problem. we gave his contact no and email address to our neighbour. our neighbour scrutinised everything and gave the toilet repairing work to him. the toilet is repaired but after a week the problem again arose the same leakage problem. now the person who had done this work says that he told our neighbour to use the toilet after 5 days but my neighbour insisted him to complete the work in 2 days. after that he started using the toilet. now my neighbour is blaming the person who has undertaken this contract and saying that this is his fault. both are blaming each other. my neighbour says that he will not get the toilet repaired again . if we want to get it repaired we should bear the expense and that too only in diwali vacations, this leakage problem started in jan 2015 but as his son had ssc board we kept mum. now he always blames us that you gave the reference of the person but sir we only gave the reference but never forced him to get it repaired from that person only. secondly if this is his toilets problem then he should get it repaired but always says he is busy . he doesn't get leave from the office. our flat doesn't have a legal society formed and there is no one to help us. we are totally helpless request to pls help us and guide us