House and issues pertaining to mother in law

I am married since 3yrs nw hav a daughter one year old...evry time if there is an argument my mother in law and husband both say this house is where do i go then ...she claims i torture her when i am not around im at work most of the time she has issues with anything and evrything husband is never supportive and says thehouse is his mothers n his only ...i want to know if i wish to leave him bcoz he always says he married for financial help n so dat smbody tks care of hisparents which is not right...i want to know as a wife wat are my rights in the sistr in law has confidently toldmy husbnd if i go n fight a case i will lose bcoz his parents r old n senior citizens but my mother in law has potrayed very bad behavior like yelling screaming she has even pushed me n tried to come on my body husbnd has abused memany atyms during pregnancy n hes very abusive right frm d very start...i am worid as my daughter is growing she will see n grow in this chaos which i do not want...plz advise im very concerned about my daughter her future and mine too