About ipc 457 and 380

Sir my name is maruti, on 17 April 2015 there was a theft happened in our office, actually one of the staff having the all key sets of office main door and locker key has stolen the money because when next day morning this theft was come to known all the doors of office even godrej locker was left opened by the burglar, it means clearly one of the staff having the key sets has done this offence. I am transfered to this office just before 4 days ie on 13 the April. And I have stayed in office guest room with other 3 permanent staff who have been lived there since last 2.5 years which is situated above the office (1st floor). Locker and office key set was with other two staff's and one of them has done this offence, but police arrested me other two staff's and not arrested another staff who is having one key set. The burglar has switched off the CCTV also, On 25 th April police recovered an amount of 1.5 lakh from inside a old table in the guest room and also our personal money. So that they arrested me also. When I asked to police why are you arresting me they replied that we know who stolen the money but he is not accepting his offence so we are arresting all those who stayed in that guest room that night. And I asked then why you left one staff having all key sets they told that he has left the office that night to go to his native. But c c TV was switched off on 10.35 pm and he has left the the guest room on 11.20 pm that night ( he also had the key sets). In mahajar they have shown that total amount recovered is 2.4 lakh which include our personal money also and money was recovered from cupboard of the guest room and made me and other two staff's as suspect showing these have shared stolen amount equally. But sir I don't know even which on is the office key as I was just joined there. Sir please give your view on this case and police have no any proper evidence on this case and also sir can I apply for ibps bank jobs ? Whether this case affects my future?