Company not paid full settlement amount after exit.

I was working with one MNC Company.I was on a probation period.In probation period employee have to serve 1 month notice period. On 30th June 2015 i joined new project and after 2 days i.e on 2nd July 2015 i resigned,in resignation mail i cleary mentioned that i am ready to serve 1 month notice period(i.e till 2nd August 2015). But suddenly on 7th July 2015 my HR called me and said today is your last working day,since you are in new project and worked only for 2-3 days in new project,there is no meaning to keep you till 2 August(till my notice period completes). So i agreed for relieve,then during the exit formalities,HR said that since you are not serving 1 month notice period it means 31-7=24, there is a shortfall of 24 days so you have to pay Rs5000(basic pay of 24 days).I said,since i am ready to serve 30 days , its You/Management who is asking me to relieve early,so i will not pay. Then they agreed(after so much of argument).Then HR said that she have to fill some "waived off form" and get approval for HR Head and oher higher authorities then after 45 days i will get my final settlement amount. After 45 days i got my setllement amount,but i had 8 days leaves,which they have not paid me(leave enchashment).I again called HR,she said that "waived off form" she got approval from heads was basically to "adjust the leaves with Rs5000"(shortfall of 24 days). I was shocked,i didnt know this,i didnt signed any such form,neither they told me this.I kept on asking my HR that How and why Rs5000(shortfall of 24 days) will come into the picture when i was ready to serve 1 month notice period. Usually when a employee wishes to leave the company early(or he/she not willing to serve full notice period) he have to pay the shortfall amount but i was ready top serve. I am feeling being cheated,manipulated.Please advise.