Land Grabbing

My grandmother owned a communal land in a area earmarked for development. she was approached with a notice to vacate the land by the town authority. this was suppose to happen after she has signed compensation documents and after she received her fair compensation. since my grandmother is a patriotic citizen and a law abiding citizen she decided to vacate the land even before she signed necessary documents simply because she had elsewhere to go were she would continue with farming activities as usual. she was than made an offer which she rejected because it was too little and unfair. the state decided to segment the land and sell certain lots to private entities. for 18 years she was never paid for her land, after consulting the authorities they made her another offer which is still unsatisfactory. the compensation offer does not cater for critical factors such as disturbance, loss of income, access to services such as health, water and education. what shall i do to help my grandmother, i want to fight for a fair compensation.