Can i sent another notice u/s 138 of ni act

I received a chq of Rs. 6,00,000/- on SBI on 18.04.15 and I deposited the said chq at my sbi account and chq dishonored on 30.04.15 due to differ signature and insufficient fund of drawer and I send notice through email. The said chq deposited on 13.07.2015 after drawer putted his signature. But my bank SBI sent said chq after dishonerd through registry post on 21.07.15 and there is no date of bank on dishonour memo only mentioned insufficient of fund. But date not mentioned. However I send legal notice to drawer of which directed to pay within 07 days instead of 15 days . My question is this there is no date on dishonour memo. Can I procced through NI Act? My Advocate wrongly drafted the notrice as directed to drawer for pay within 07 days u/s 138 of NI Act instead of 15 days. In this case that notice will be valid or not and if not valid may send another notice within 22.08.15 i.e. prescribed time to send notice upto 22.08.15. I sshall be obliged, if you guide me. Thanking you Amit Dasgupta Contact no [deleted] email--->[deleted]