Rear property land locked with front property

Dear sir / madam Hi sir actually I need a clarification regarding my problem about road access to my property which is back side property Actually from past more than 50 years we were using road in others property who is the person of village jodidhar bharamin front land owner of road approach and now it’s is closed by jodidhar sons ( jodidhar told us long back wen we asked sir give some land for road to my property I’ll pay u money for road tat tym jodidhar told don’t worry u can use the road I won’t make any problem but now jodidhar is not there (died) so we are requesting their family we give money for road land but they are Not accepting It ) and not allow me to go to my land which is agriculture and they are making so much problems to me not allow to go to my land and onething to tell u now jodidhar sons is making mainly intentionally to us , and now front land is intentionally made sale agreement to other person but they are not giving to us but now also am ready to pay money for the land which I can get it for road so Wat can I do now for road access to my land And can I go for complaint or court case pls suggest me