Un registered vehicle

My name is Ramesh Patil staying at Virar Tal. Vasai Dist. Palghar and I have purchased Tata Nano CX from Bharti Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., Jogeshwari-East, Mumbai Vide invoice dated 27/01/2011 through Mr. Shailesh Vaidande of M/s.Anmol Cars & Bikes, Virar-East. The vehicle was purchased under 48 months finance from Tata Motors Finance Ltd. (TMFL). Delivery of the car is given to me on 27/02/2011 i.e. after 1 month of Invoice date. After 150 days from invoice date the said Mr. Shailesh gave me 3 receipts one for Registration Fees second for Tax and third for choice number and told me that RC Book is under process and will come by courier. I kept following up with him but he gave false answers every time. I went to Tata Motors Finance Ltd. Office couple of time and wrote complaint in their complaint book also. However they have not taken any positive action. The real fact is eventhough tax and registration fee is paid the vehicle is NOT registered with RTO since further necessary processing after payment is not done by Mr.Shailesh or by Tata Dealer. TMFL also not completed any hypo process and the car remains un registered till today. Bharti Automobiles Pvt Ltd., Mumbau and Anmol Cars both are closed long back. However I have residential address of Mr. Shailesh of Anmol Cars, Virar. Now when last installment finished in Jan-2015 I went to TMFL and I asked them to give copy of all the necessary documents from loan file so that I can register the vehicle by paying penalty. However till today they have not given that also. Please advise what legal actions can be taken and against whom and where since Invoice is of Mumbai jurisdiction.