False 498a, 377, cruelty

1. My wife just send me a legal notice through her advocate, she mentioned all the allegations against me my mother and my younger brother. 2. She mentioned in her notice that we always beaten her for dowry 3. She mentioned in her notice - Unnatural way of intercourse Section-377, but this is never happened 4. she mentioned that we never gave her food. 5. she mentioned that we kicked him out of our house, you can't enter our house until your family gives us Rs 5 lakh. 6. she mentioned that by the time of marriage, her family gave us 3 lakh rupees, but truth is that we never asked for a single penny from her family. 7. Rather, we were married in a temple located in Ashok Nagar, Delhi. as they were financially very weak. 8. She always warned me that if I got pregnant I would kill the baby. 9. She left my house without any reason and she is asking for 20k maintenance per month rather she is working in a MNC company and her salary is around 30k. 10. Despite all these things I am still ready to bring her back in my life, I tried to contact her but she blocked me on call as well as on whatsapp. It is my humble request to please help me out of all this mess.