Transfer of property on basis of registered Will

In a case of a friend, The said property became the self acquired property of this Person and this is supported by A DB judgement of High Court., which clearly judged a property as Self Acquired on the basis of a will. This person willed it to his wife through a Registered will. At the time of making his Registered will, his wife also made her will and also got it Registered. In this Will also She bequeathed her assets as well as Liabilities' to her other 4 children. One of her children ill treated and harassed both the parents physically and mentally. So these parents made Registered wills which clearly mentioned that this Daughter child would not get any share in the parents properties-both movable and immovable. Simultaneously, the parents also issued Newspaper advertisements in leading newspapers .disinheriting or disowning their one child, in view of the incidents. Now both the person and his wife have expired. In view of the clear line of owning the property as a self acquired property and very clear successive Registered wills ---do the persons (who are the beneficiaries of the Registered Wills) require either an NOC or a probate in a city,( just like Kanpur, where it is not compulsory to ask for a probate).?