Suspension from SBBJ Bank fabricated charges of Gross Misconduct

I am PK Sharma, joined SBBJ bank before 2 years in EX-SM category at Jhunjhunu region. After 1.5 year, when I complaint about few mis-happenings and torture with me by staff and customer, an fake and partial investigation was carried out, and surprisingly witnesses forced to change their statement to save the defaulters/customers. When I gave proof and recording of my truthfulness, management took it as a major prestige issue. So, I was continuously deployed to other branches for deputation from Oct 14 - May 15 (date of suspension). The different customers abused, tried to attack, only for the reason that I worked ethically and as performed as per rules and norms (which was not accepted by the so-called managers for their target and unprofessional) and local political groups and notorious customers. As subject customer wanted to get oblige from back desk services, which I refused as of front crowd, he threatened me and tried to attack on me, I screamed for help, I raised application (for justice & FIR against them), in lieu of that management issued me the suspension order. Now I am sick and neurological treatment r in progress. My arrears of EX-Servicemen pay-fixation approved by authorities long before 15 months; but I haven't got till date. They even cut my allowances too to harass me since Feb 15. Charge sheet issued to me with charge of "Cross misconduct", reply given. Now awaiting for investigation. Our bank union is only for name sake, can't take stand against the defaulters. Please advise, how can I legally save the truth or whether I shall raise writ against them or when? Awaiting for reply with significant solution and favorable approach ....... !!!