Mental abuse from husband

Husband used to constantly ask and demand when my parents would give the money saved on the marriage amounting to 1.4 lacs. This harrasment would be atleast once a week. At first he said it is my money and my parents are cheating me by not giving it. Later on he started demanding it should be given to him as they have not taken any dowry. He used to say that I have to be grateful throughout my life for being married to him. Apart from him nobody would marry me. He used to constantly verbally abuse me for my personality saying on one would like to be with me. He asked me to transfer my savings to him saying that he didn't get anything in dowry, hence my savings must go to him. I had to transfer 1.8 lacs to him. I asked him why we have to be together if it's constant fights, he said he is ready to leave me andhe just wants the baby. He threatened to take away the baby from me and leave me forever if I file for divorce. He promised me he will torture me when I return home. He wants to see me suffer when I return home. This torture can be physical or emotional which I don't have clarity.