Working inside Inner Line Permit Area

It has been almost 2 years now Iam posted in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh by a Hyderabad based Power Developer Company. Living in Arunachal Pradesh I understand that there are many laws and provisions that take away my basic rights to have a life of dignity. Inner Line permit (ILP): To get inside Arunachal it is mandatory to have Inner Line Permit (ILP), similar to that of Visa and also it is essential to carry ILP whenever we move outdoors. Not having ILP in Arunachal Pradesh is like staying in Arunachal illegally which can land us to prison. In my view it is in direct violation to my right to freedom whereby Iam treated as foreigner in my own country. Trade/Business license not being issued to non-tribals: The state government by various gazettes and notifications do not issue Trade/Business license to any non-tribals. There are a lot of non-tribals living in the state particularly Nepali, Bengali, Assameese and with the central government investing heavily in North-East infrastructure lot of people from India main land are coming in Arunachal Pradesh. With the state government’s decision of not issuing any business license to non-tribals it is like depriving non-tribals like me, the right of equal opportunity and right to equality. No PRC issued to non-tribals: There are Nepali, Bengali, Biharis, Assameese and other community people living in Arunachal from generations but they are not issued PRC. The state government does not recognize non-tribals as its citizens. As a result these people cannot apply for any government jobs. I am living in Arunachal from 2013 and there is a high probability that I will have to stay in Arunachal Pradesh for a longer time. Under such situation my next generation will be born and brought-up in Arunachal. Whatever may be the case, me and my future generations will never be recognized as Arunachal Pradesh citizens and will not be eligible for government jobs also being non tribals we will not be issued trade/business license. I find these provisions as direct contradiction to my Right to life of dignity. Non-tribals cannot own immoveable property: Arunachal land act says that non indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh cannot own land or immoveable property. For whatever time I stay in Arunachal Pradesh or whatever may be my contribution to the state, I will never be able to own a home here. Laws and Provision for non-tribals are such in Arunachal Pradesh that a non-tribal like me will always have to live like a foreigner in his own country. What I observer the non-tribals here are of the worker class working for the employer class (the tribals), in the shops/enterprises owned by the tribals and the laws are such that non-tribals can never cross the line to get inside the employer class. As Iam deprived of many rights in Arunachal Pradesh can I file a petition requesting of income tax rebate till the time I live in Arunachal Pradesh