Accidental Compensation

Hi, I am Rizwan R/O Chandigarh, I would like to get advice from legal professionals. My father was demised in road accident in [deleted], Case is in Bijnor district, Uttar pradesh court. We filed case against insurance company of accidental bus and we got some amount as accidental compensation in 2011 and 50% amount was deposited in govt bank as fixed deposited for 3 years which was subject to orders of court. Our FD's has been matured in October 2014 we had discussed this matter with our advocate so he told us that for getting FD's amount we have to file application for release. We had done as he told now Its been almost year still we didn't got FD's amount. Since the application for releasing amount of FD's we got 20 dates and still the flow of dates are going on we are not getting what we deserve for. Now whenever we contact our advocate for this matter he talk carelessly and sometimes speaks in bad language. Before the final judgement he told us that to increase compensation amount he has paid around 1 lakh Rs to judge and 20000 to insurance company for settlement of case. Even he didn't gave us our case file number etc. We feel that he is cheating because we had already paid him all the fees at the time of judgment. Please let me know -What is the procedure to claim for FD's which is subject to orders of court and How much approx time it takes to get full and final settlement. -How we can get our case status from court -How can we get Case file and appeal numbers etc. -How to complain against advocate. Looking for ward to some professional advice Thanks