Regarding division of Property

There are two daughter & myself son of my father (Died on 23 Feb, 2021) and mother (Died on 30th December 2006). My both the sister are divorcee (Elder sister is working as a clerk in Kendriya Vidyalaya, ONGC Ankleshwar and is having a son aging 30 years and younger sister who was staying with my father, was handling beauty parlour in the shop owned by mother and is having no issue) and myself is married and having a daughter (15Years) & Son (7 Years) I was being kept out from my fathers house since I got married in 2006. Now my father has died in last february without creating a will. My father had owned two residential property and a shop was in the name of my mother. upon death of my father, my two sister's told me to divide the property equally as they want to sell the part. I told them that the property is now owned equally by all the three people. But my problem is that i am working in a private firm & earning very less. I told my sisters that we do equally share the property, but dont sell the as i will be more poorer, but both the sisters are not ready with the same. they said that they want to purchase a new house owned by them. and they dont want to leave in the father's house, thus I should take the third part of property by signing the partition letter. Is it compulsory to give consent (Sign) for selling property as i dont want to leave or make them sell the ancestral property to be sold out, rather they (Sisters) can also stay along us in the same propety