Cheated by Sister in Financial business

Hello Sir, I am Jayakumar R from Chennai, I am here with some legal advice from you My father (G Ragunathan) was doing financial business for past 10 Years. Later Her sister also (S Asha) joined in it. Even they are siblings, they have separated business between them. At many Instance, My father collected money from various people for her Sister and gave her. Unfortunely, Asha failed in her business due to some members cheated her money and because of her husband. She sold the house she was living in, still she can repay the amount collected from people. Even that amount taken by her husband. Now my sister and entire family is trying to escape with all money as I have collected money for them from many people, I am in situation, I need to answer everyone. Even I was cheated by many people. I am here to check, Is there any way that I can take action against my sister and prove that I am innocent and not responsible for the money collected for my sister. I have few evidence like my sister voice recorded the number of people she need to pay and sign in empty bond sheets. Thanks, Jayakumar R