My husband and mother in law has removed me from house

Dear experts Need honest opinion. Out of blue during Covid times my husband first sent me to my parents house and then on constant asking when we should start living together.. He kept denying that i only can't live with my mother how you will, still I insisted we stay together but he kept denying kept telling will see will see making me lose my patience that it's 24yrs and why he is doing this... But eventually one day due to arguments about staying together and he saying no most of the time he messaged me I can't take this marriage responsibility ahead and this relation can't go ahead. It was shock to me and my parents.. So I went straight to home then my mother in law did drama of you well stay here will go on the roads etc so since I was not prepared for this situation and dint knew what to do I left home and was shattered and broken . Meanwhile my husband changed lock of the rented apartment also where we use to go to sleep in night stating I don't have money can't renew.. You want to stay you renew but I will not stay with you. Leaving me helpless but to stay with my parents.. I was since May 2020 at my parents house, October he said he don't want this relation and started baseless blames ones that I Dint took care etc. Which I can prove false coz of all his lovey dovey messages I have till June 2020 . Now since December he has totally disconnected from me.. Though I have broken and keep sending him Emotional messages that how could you do this after 24 yrs and life long promises of togetherness etc coz this was least expected.. He never ever gave sign that this will ever happen ... So he is purposely ignores and trying to prove my emotional break down as my insanity.. as he don't have any ground of divorce.. and trying to ignore me by not talking proving desertstion I don't know if it's applicable or not and insanity that I send him messages. Here 2 things.. 1. how can i go back to house where he is with my mother in law who removed me from house the day I went to house that you can't stay here this is my house.. You dint come in Covid so why you want to come.. Wherein I kept asking son and mother in law I will come there . But mother in law with very goody goody talks beta there is no internet so don't come here you work late nights so work from there and husband no you and monther in law can't stay together and since whole business and house is in name of mother in law ... 2. I had registered a complaint that I have been removed but no FIR as I know my husband ego v will blast .. So I fear that also and he keeps telling this is over this is over and I accept decision that you filled 3. But for me it's 24 yrs relation ,9 yrs marriage and complete emotional use and physical use of mine which is difficult to forget and still I'm ready to stay with my husband admist all humiliation . One I feel I'm way to used by him and considering indian culture What are my option to get back in house or he filing divorce as I don't