Can mother be added as one of the legal heir of her died married duaghter

Sir I am a Muslim, I have a problem please help it will be a long letter please read carefully. I am born with one elder brother and 4 four sister elder sisters and we have a family 3 brothers my father and two of his brothers earned property yet to be shared or partition .Mean while 25 years ago 12 acres of our land had been acquired by tamilnadu electricity board in our native place and as a compensation three brothers had been given three job in electricity board . By that way one of the brother and my father property compensation job we gave to my third elder sister .in her 39th year she was unmarried because she was diabetic patience from her 25th year we searched for her marriage a wide range groom but she only rejected them all. Mean while she was going to a acupuncture treatment for her diabetic, but before five years the Acupuncture Doctor who was already married and have two sons mesmerized her and married her without our permission and run way surrender in a police station . We got a call from police station went there talk to the policemen and they informed us she got married to the doctor in a home in muslim law with his two vakeel . so from that day we sent stoped talking to her . She only had conversation with my mother in phone line for five years on 10 dec 2020 we had a call form my secound sister that third sister was admitted to general hospital like this "she is surrounded with doctors and got abborted a baby child and it is also died so she is in a very critical condition i am informing to you "this was the message from him the (DR ) to her (my second sister )informed us .for past 4 months me and my fourth sister was with her for treatment in several hospitals . but she passed away last month . know the next day her husband informed her office where she was working to settlement . Now my mother wants justis because for three day my third sister she requested to stay in my home for treatment because she was living in a small house before her death day she had a conversation with mum telling i was mesmerized and betrayed by him (the doctor husband )i was not treated well and was unable to eat any medicine for my diabetic so this condition of my health is due to my husband because no one from my family came to visit me i was always surrounded with his in laws so cannot even speak . now I am speaking because i am in mum place .he got married her only with a plan for her job and all cash for the job not for her . points to clear wheather my mother can be added as a legal heir and obtain all the benefits of my sister because she is the nominee in her office but what is the kaanoon in muslim law please advice for the job , wealth , property which she earned ans as well with my fahter earned whealth thank you