getting acquital in 11 year old case

Dear Sir, I have been charged in section 384/34 in year 2003 which is still pending in the court. The brief of the case is as under: I have given a lift to a person who went to a shop owner demanding 500 Rs from the owner. The shop owner was getting threatening calls from a local gunda who wanted him to recharge his mobile for 500 Rs. He told the shop owner that he is sending two persons for collecting the amount. I have only given lift to the person who was going to collect the money. There were 4-5 people in the shop one of who has taken the key and called the police from where the police arrested me. This was completely a false allegations on me as there was no involvement from my side. The current trial status is as under: The complainant understood that there was no role from my side and hence agreed to give statements as a witness in my favor. On the day of witness statement, complainant told the court that he does not recognize me and he don't remember clearly whether I was present during that time. However he told to the court that there were two persons who approach him and demanded money and later flew away. I want to understand how would the court consider this statement? is it in my favor or adverse? Secondly the next statement to be taken from police. I want to know the future course of this trial. Please suggest Thanking you in anticipation. Regards, Mohit