Partition of property between brothers and sister

I am Uma aged 40 got married at the age of 17 in 1990 to son of my father's elder sister. My father told that he would take care of me on par with my three brothers as I am lone daughter to him. My brothers got married in 1994, 1997 and 2008. The gap between my family and my father's family started broadened after my first two brothers got married and my mother died in 2007. They started alienating me with a view that I would claim my share in properties. Talking terms worsened after the death of my mother. I went to my father with caste elders and in 2008 but my father did not give any clarification on his assurance before my marriage. Elders advised me to go court for justice. I started collecting ECs from 14th July 2008 to file a suit and in Nov 2008 I filed a suit in Dist. Court. I could not get information on a few of the properties. My father died in Sep 2009. I came to know from the written statement of my father that he gifted properties on 24th July 2008. The cross examination started in Oct 2013. Counsel for my brothers submitted Will deed (dated [deleted]), unregistered partnership deed (dated 1-4-2003) to the court on 30th Sep 2013. Only then I came to know that there was a will executed by my father. In the partnership deed it was mentioned that "in case of death or retirement of any partner, his legal heirs would succeed him". I came to know about this after the deed was submitted to the Court. In the cross examination, my brother accepted that there are a few ancestral properties and accepted other properties in my father's name. I could not get the information and submit the documents of these properties to the court that time. There are properties in my mother's name which are still held by my brothers. After death of my father my brothers claimed money from LIC with my forged signature. Forensic lab confirmed that the signature was not signed by me. But they Court acquitted (on 7th Aug 2015) them on the reason that I/O did not examine other available witnesses. I want to appeal it to the higher court. I did not include this LIC amount in my partition suit as my father was alive that time. Is it going to harm me? The civil suit is reserved for judgment now. My counsel has prepared written arguments. I want to seek your valuable inputs to incorporate them in the arguments. I believe strong citations would help me. My husband is not employed now and I dont have livelihood at the moment. Please let me know if you need further information. You can write to me on foreclosureswebsiteusa at