Married daughter share in father and brother property.

Hi, I want to know married daughter(my aunty bua) share in his father(My grandfather) property(my current house) and in brother(my father) property(shop that is on my fathers name and only person used to works and take care.) They are total 4 brothers and 1 sister and it was joint family at that time.And separate after my grandfather died in 1980. My aunty is married 45 year ago and now she is demanding share in property in both house and shop. As her marriage is happened in dowry system and we had already lost 2 rooms in his marriage in that era. As my aunty family first forcefully demanded to marry his son to my sister that we refused.then they are now demanding to give them his share. As my father is only gentlemen who looked and take care over all his family over the time and also use to looked over and feed my aunty family. My uncles are not demanding now any share as they know my father has put his efforts and hard working to maintain the property. I just wanted to know is she(my aunty)is eligible to get share in property now as its too long time? if yes then how much? Please help...!!!