Shall i get alumni amout if not register marriage?

Hello This is Jyoti from Gujarat. I got married in Jan 2015. And I am at my parent place since April 23, 2015. My mother in law doesn’t like me so she started to torture me and taunting me all the day. I totally bear her because we are from the well reputed family and I don’t want to lose my parents name . She never allow me to talk with my family members. And always asking for “dahej” when I was at my in laws place. She is always commenting on my physics that you are not good looking. My son would get much better than you. And because of my looks and physics she started to torture me and levied restriction on me for food. I had done MBA and I did job since 4 years in Ahmedabad in well reputed company. After marriage whenever she requires money she ask to me and I gave to her or her son from my savings. As I know that I do stupidity but I dnt know about the result at that time. I bought one property for my sister’s further studies, but my mother in law and her son wanted me to write that land to their name. when I denied to do so, then they started to say wrong things about me to their relatives. I am in my parent place because they don’t allow me to talk with my family, so my family member worried about me and some of from the my in laws place called my parent and said that your daughter is not safe. So they come to see me and bring me for rest for 7-10 days. But after leaving my in laws place, my mother in law started to tell wrong things to my husband against me, and he started to speak roughly and badly on phone and whats app. Because of frustration, I said I don’t want this marriage; so they all made this thing as an issue & try to threat us by other relatives. I tried to explain many things to my husband by phone and face to face(when I was at my in laws place) but he is kind of mummy’s boy so he denied to listen me. Now, we tried to settle out with meeting in June, but they people don’t want to listen anything and don’t care about this marriage. So can you suggest me that what to do now? Because after all this behavior I filed the case for maintainace and sent them notice, but they didn’t accept that notice. We did not register our marriage legally because of short time, but we have register it in our “samaj”. So is it necessary to take a divorce by legal way? As I don’t want to create any scene further because of him or his family. And do I ask for alumni amount to him? Or any other expenses which we did during marriage? As they don’t give my luggage (kariyawar) which my parent gave to me during my wedding. When they tried to threat us via other people, I have all recording as a evidence. And I asked my husband to listen very carefully that what your family said about me, but he is not listening for anything. Anything else I can do in this case because I really don’t want to do this thing to any other girl.