My old parents are getting harassed by Daughter in law

Hello, I am seeking help for my old parents (in their late 70s). My brother met a girl on Facebook and married her without my parent's consent and let them know after 3 months. My parents initially had disapproved of the marriage. My parents stay in Kolkata and my brother works in B'lore, the girl is from Kolkata. She after marriage stayed with my brother only for 5 -6 months over 2 yr period marriage period. Second time she went back she conceived a child with him and was back in Kolkata in 3 months. After she delivered the child she wanted divorce, this was last year. She was seeking 26000Rs per month in child and spousal support. My brother works in hotel industry, lost his job during covid and has been living with my parents. My parents have been supporting her demand for 7-9k monthly food expense for the child. She has never lived with my parents, she has been harassing them so that she can get my brother to agree to the amount for support expenses. She has filed a divorce case, bride harassment case against my parents and in fact even me and my husband. We live in US, never met her or talked to her ever or contacted her.. She stated we call her and harass her. The judge threw out the complaint against us. My almost 80 year parents are being dragged into it for no fault of theirs. My brother is unemployed and pretty much living off my dad's retirement money, he has no income or property. Whatever financial support he has is from my parents. She even claimed that they didn't provide food expenses for the grandchild. The girl doesn't work, she is just looking for getting paid for 5 months of matrimony and for the child so she can have an income stream. I want to protect my parents, and if possible my brother. I blame my brother for the bad choice he made, and for my parents suffering for no fault of theirs. My parents had to get themselves bail and had to travel to other side of the city to attend the court. My dad is a heart patient (heartattack survivor, with damaged heart), my mom has had multiple strokes. They don't deserve this kind of harassment. I don't live in India, so I am seeking help for them on humane grounds. I, as well as the neighborhood people can vouch for them that they never harassed the girl, they have been supporting themselves at this old age and living by themselves all this time. My brother just went back to join work in B'lore yesterday. I got to know about their legal troubles today. I was only aware that the girl was seeking divorce earlier. My parents didn't want to bother me with their troubles, as I am already very worried about their health. Only after I probed, I got to know all the details. Sorry for the long post. Is their no laws to protect senior citizens in India? Why should parents suffer bas choices made by their kids.