Frad happen by contalancy

Dear sir I went to a contalancy on Jan sir to ask job for my to my girl friend . as we to contalancy we meet a lady there as she said sir your girl friend have a nice present in all sir y u are searching job for private sir u can go to a government I will help u for it she said and we said OK and came from there after 30 min she called me and said sir we have a nice offer for her and she can join in isro u get ready 2 lks and after we giving the offer letter u can pay amount and on Jan 22 she gave offer letter of isro like system admin with 25 k salery with contract of 10 years and said sir I need a small favor like I need 1.2 lk I will give cheque and took total 3.2 lk from us as in offer letter my girl friend went to join but it was a fake offer letter from that time we are asking for refund she is not refunding my money are she will say daily like Tom I will pay from last 6 months pls some one help to get my money back each month I am paying interest of 10 k for that amount and when I call her to ask amount she will scould like anything and put life trath to pls help me sir if my family know this they will kill me and they will not let me to marry my gf pls help sir