Query on kiadb aquired land

KIADB had aquired 120 acres total land including our land which is 29 guntas on 2006 in Mysore, however later since KIADB did not require 120 acres, they had given a notice for Gram Panchayat in 2010 to pay sum charges for the roads they constructed and other developments in exchange of release of those 120 acres of land, but it did not happened since Gram Panchayat is said that the land owners has to pay who has taken the compensation from KIADB so that the 120 acres will be released together. Problem we are facing is even though we have letter that has written from Karnataka govt to KIADB to release the land and from KIADB instructing Gram Panchayat that the land is not required and hence to pay the development charges to release those land which was acquired. We have not taken single rupee from KIADB however they say that the land acquired will be left out together once at a time if Gram panchayat pays the advised amount, we the land owners has become bakra here in between these 3 parties, (Govt, KIADB, Grampanchayat) now we have taken letter from KIADB saying that we have not taken any money from them however they are not ready to release our land from their holdings in RTC how can i get my land back to myself without any intervene, because i want to sell that land and purchase a house for myself so i want guidance on this since i have not taken any money from KIADB what would be the next procedure.