Property rights of granddaughters on grandfather's property

Hello , As you can read in the subject - its a complecated history. My father passed away when I was one years old. My grandfather favored my uncles more and did not provide any help or alimony to my mother - and my mother took up a clerk position at a bank my father worked as officer for our livelihood. Both me and my sister are currently working in another city away from our mother and both married. My mother is now retired and living with us sometimes. We survived , living in a one BHK that my father rented , my mother still lives there. She sometime travels to my father's village and (sometimes) gets some share from land profits like after selling crops etc. I have 2 uncles who are both basically fooling my mother for years taking more money from the land and using it for themselves. My mother being a traditionalist did not want to take any action regarding anything till my grandfather is alive. Now both my father's parents (grandma and grandpa) are dead. There is some land in the native village and the city nearby (in madhubani district) and both of them have taken the lion's share and keep fighting amongst each other for property. Sometime back one of the uncles also claimed that everything belongs to his son and grandson. the other uncle has 2 daughters like my mother. I wish to understand , that what I can do to assure my mother's future is safe from these vultures, and she never have to talk to them about this. My mother is being a traditionalist never speaks againts any of them and they have always scolded/said bad words about my mother for favoring the other uncle. Ideally I would like to valuation of all property belongs to either my uncles /my mother in that area and eventually sell the whole thing (including the village land) and have my mother independent of the uncles completely. 
 Everytime we travel there , they keep shouting and discussing things like we dont even matter at all. Both me and my sister are completely depressed due to this. Clearly I need direction from some honest Lawyer who knows and functions in the area (madhubani) , please let me know if anyone like that exists.