Mother's Right in Ancestoral Property

My mother born 1936 & Died Aug 2020. My Maternal Uncle (Mama) is born 1938, currently he & his son is in possession of land in Sindhuduraga district of Maharashatra, land which had ancestral home. From the very beginning & all land records such as 7/12 & City Survey & Municipal Council Documents were in my uncle’s name, that is for more than 60 years, all property docs bears one single name. No other names are on any property documents. My uncle’s father died before 1940, so his name is not on any papers or grandmother’s name also not on property papers, who died in 1994. We know my mother & this maternal uncle lived in the ancestral home, in childhood & this house was built by their grandparents on this land. In year 2019, my Maternal uncle transferred this home & land to his only son, by Gift Did. This house being very old, was fully demolished in year 2020 & now only land remains. Uncle is very old now & his son has already denied any such claim/s verbally & he is looking forward for developent of land, in Joint Venture with builder. Builder has already given ad in local news papers, which I have objected but builder and his lawyers are asking supporting docs, for claiming my or my mother's right. Now as a son, how can I claim my late mother’s right on this property for myself, from my uncle's son? what papers/documents can help me claiming my right ?