Can a case be withdrwan after filing

My friend ha filed a rape case against her fiance on grounds of false promise to marry.they were in a live in relation for 1 year and then all of a sudden the guy ran away saying he cannot marry her.they had sex on several occassion because he promised her marriage but then she felt exploited after he ran away and was shattered.after the complaint was filed her fiance got arrested and served jail term for 1 month and finally got bail from judge after the bail her fiance has understood his guilt and wants to get married to my friend.he has also given in written on a legal stamp paper all his wrong deeds against her and have asked for my friend wants to forgive her fiance and wants to withdraw the rape complaint.charge sheet hasnt been filed my question is 1)can she withdraw the case as she has decided to forget and forgive and marry him?? 2)will this cause any legal problem to my friend??3)if the guy is lying everythin to the girl can the guy use her withdrwaing the csae against her.plsss suggest.she is in a trouble as she wants to get married to this guy nw.